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Reverse Osmosis Desalinators

Seafresh watermaking systems have been supplied to more than 1,800 vessels around the world including all types of small craft, ferries, research vessels, offshore supply vessels, tugs, fishing craft and luxury yachts. In the military sector, the company have supplied desalinators for the surface craft and submarines of 9 navies.

Desalinators for commercial vessels Ton series

With outputs of 10 to 50 cubic metres of freshwater per day, the Ton™ series is ideally suited to the requirements of commercial vessels. It is completely automatic in operation and has a salinity control and dump™ feature together with a range of system diagnostics.

The system comes in three or more frames that can fit together in various combinations according to space availability, the most popular resulting in a footprint of 1050 (L) x 800 (W) x 1600mm (H).

Desalinators for luxury yachts H2O Series

The H2O series have freshwater outputs from 36 to 276 litres per hour making them suitable for a wide range of luxury yachts. The series has recently been restyled and upgraded with feed pressure gauges and product flow meters as standard. Compactly designed, the desalinators come within a frame or can be supplied in component form for easy installation where space is limited.

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