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Cathelco are world leaders in the design and manufacture of seawater pipework anti-fouling systems with a record of over 30,000 installations. The systems are based on the electrolytic principle and prevent blockages caused by barnacles and mussels. Easy to install and requiring minimal attention in use, the systems can be fitted to ships of any size from the largest oil tankers and container ships to ferries and tugs. In addition, smaller control panels and miniature anodes have been developed for luxury yachts.

ICCP hull corrosion protection

Cathelco produce ICCP hull corrosion protection systems for commercial ships, naval vessels and luxury yachts. These systems consist of a control panel connected to an arrangement of anodes and reference electrodes providing the optimum level of corrosion protection. Cathelco have recently launched new range of C-Max ICCP anodes which are lightweight and easy to install using self-torqueing snap-nuts. This enables them to be changed by a diver without drydocking.

Specially designed ICCP systems have also been developed to protect aluminium hulled fast ferries and their water jet systems. For the luxury yacht market, Cathelco produce Minitek to protect steel hulls and Alutek for aluminium hulls which have many advantages in comparison with sacrificial anode systems.

Offshore Wind Turbine ICCP systems

Cathelco's expertise in ICCP technology has been applied to corrosion protection systems for offshore wind farms. Special anodes and reference electrodes have been developed to protect monopile, tripod and jacket structures. The systems can be monitored and controlled via Ethernet from an on-shore control room.


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