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Sepflutech GmbH

Sepflutech GmbH

Sepflutech GmbH is the manufacturer of separation systems in Hamburg / Germany and bundles year long experiences in research and development, engineering & production and worldwide sales of the separation technology.

Apart from standard systems like Bilge water separators, Fuel- and Oil treatment systems etc. which can be integrated in existing applications, we can offer customized solutions in the field of filtration and separation of liquids.
All Sepflutech GmbH systems are developed and produced at Sepflutech plant in Hamburg, which enhances a consistent quality and quality management.
One of the main markets is the Marine Industry, where certain regulations require special designed systems like Bilge Water Separators.

Sepflutech GmbH has designed a unique Bilge Water Separator, which enhances a continuous 24-h-performance and fully applies to the actual IMO MEPC 107 (49) regulation.
The model SDU is designed for 15ppm / 5ppm performance and available in various sizes up to a flow rate of max. 10m³/h.

  • Bilgewater Separator
  • Fuel & Oil Treatment System for filtration and dewatering
  • Oil-in-water Monitor systems
  • Dockwater deoiling systems
  • Self cleaning automatic filter as sea water filters & pre-filter for fresh water Generation Systems and Ballast water treatment systems
  • Combined filtration / separation Systems

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