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Nicoverken your partner in the food and beverage industry

Nicoverken Filling & Packaging is specialised in filling machines, seaming cans, all kind of packaging and conveyor equipment for the food and beverage industry. For drying your packed products, we supply a large range of venturi systems and drying installations, which can be integrated in your production line.

Our total care concept doesn't only consist of delivering products, as your partner Nicoverken Filling & Packaging offers you program training, service coordination, maintenance and spare parts delivery.

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Our range of 100%

Quality products

Canning Technology

Seaming machines With a capacity ranging from 20 to 2.500 seamed cans per minute, Ferrum can s...

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Bottling and packaging systems

Palletisers, Depalletisers, Robot systems and Conveyors The Vortex A pallet stretch wrapper w...

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Drying solutions

Drying solutions and venturi systems Secomak machines are in use by every industry for: D...

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Air control

Blowguns, compressed air tools/couplings/accessories JWL manufactures a wide range of compress...

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Sterilization equipment

Sterilistation equipment Sterilization Technology for Food STOCK batch type retorts and plant...

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Inspection systems

miho inspection systems:

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Blowing nozzle

The Nico hand reduces noise and energy costs by more than 50% By using high-quality plastics, ou...

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