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Palletisers, Depalletisers, Robot systems and Conveyors

Since 1984 ACMI has been designing, building, installing and testing single machines and complete systems for bottling and packaging. ACMI's machines cover a wide range of applications and are suitable for any sector, with particular specialisation in the beverage, food, dairy and pet food industries. Speed, special applications and creativity are the guidelines of their design philosophy.

The Vortex

A pallet stretch wrapper with rotating ring capable of reaching high speeds, its main frame is constructed in a solid steel tubular structure where the ring of the stretch wrapper internally moves.


A packaging system which does not use either glue or shrink wrapping for creating packs products. Easypack forms packs using special bands of extensible material called sleeveĀ which are inserted around the product to be packed. The group of products formed in this way are defined as multipack.


The line of Viper handle applicators are comprise two models: a single and double infeed. The Viper handle applicator combines together elements from models with mechanical actioning and characteristics of electronic models to offer high performance and a high degree of flexibility, at the same time maintaining high functioning reliability. This machine associates the mechanical handle application group with an electronic metering system in this way avoiding the use of spacing screws and relative inefficiencies due to ware, friction on the packs and complications due to format change over.

The Twisterbox

A system which carries out the continuos layer formation. This system comprises a series of robotic arms equipped with special pliers that move in accordance with a predetermined specific programme so as to position the packs in a way to form a complete layer. The layer is then subsequently transferred to the palletiser.


The name of the Acmi shrinkwrapper line. These machines have the task of packaging together more than one unit of product using either film or appropriate trays. The product packaged in such a way forms "packs" which are then passed onto the palletising phase.

High speed Acmi palletisers

All part of the Faster series. This machine is capable of palletising up to 600 layers/hr in the high speed version, named HS. The Faster is a high level infeed machine capable of reaching elevated production speeds.

Compakt TT

A new concept and an extremely compact palletiser which requires less space occupied and is characterised by a high level of technology. The heart of the machine comprises the continuous layer formation system derived from the Twisterbox which, in this new version named TT, is equipped with two gripping modules on the same robotic arm.


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