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Secomak machines are in use by every industry for: Drying bottles, Drying cans, Drying jars, Drying pouches, Drying circuit boards, Drying consumer goods, Drying fruits, Drying vegetables, Drying glass, etc.

We will work with you to develop a solution that is tailor made for your specific drying requirements.

Drying Specifications:

We utilize our test facilities to assist in setting specifications for dryness. Clients then have a standard against which to measure performance. A turnkey solution can then be manufactured that meets the specification. Regular monitoring by the engineering staff ensure the machine performs to the set tolerance once in production.

Secomak are now able to cater the customers with a wider range of solutions to suit even the most demanding applications. Hybrid machines that combine the best of both technologies (air knife systems and compressed air systems) is a prime example. An extensive range of products supply compressed air de-watering equipment to the canning & bottling industries as well as a range of compressed air components; Ringjets, Clusterjets, Air-strips, Air Misers etc.

Air Knife and Compressed Air Combination Systems

Secomaks newest design is the Combination dryer, utilising both compressed air and blower generated air; the combination unit is ideal for bottling lines where under crown drying needs to be incorporated with whole bottle drying at high speeds. For information on how Secomak can solve your container drying requirements please contact us.


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