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Seaming machines

With a capacity ranging from 20 to 2.500 seamed cans per minute, Ferrum can seamers can be used for a variety of applications. Whether for canning food, canning beverages or manufacturing cans Ferrum has the ideal can seamer for your application. The wide range of features also makes it possible to develop customised solutions.

Can seamers for the beverage industry

The requirements of the beverage industry are growing ever higher. Ferrum has responded by offering a wide assortment of can seamers in the low, medium, and high speed ranges in order to meet these demands. All Ferrum can seamers are suitable for seaming aluminium beverage cans as well as steel, plastic, and composite applications.

Can seamers for the food industry and can making

Across the full range of products, from soups to pineapple to chilli Ferrum can seamers are up to the task of meeting the special requirements of the food industry. The high, medium, and slow speed machines not only seam aluminium food cans as well as steel, plastic, and composite applications at speeds of up to 1200 cans per minute, but they are also equally well-suited for manufacturing cans.


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