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Ship repair


Workshop activities

Workshop activities

Due to extensive investments in our workshop in both machinery and highly skilled manpower, Nicoverken is now capable of:

Crankshaft & Cylindrical grinding, Reconditioning connecting rods, Reconditioning pistons (4-stroke), Line boring, Honing cylinder liners, Overhaul cylinder covers & many more!

Our workshop facilities for maintenance and repair include:

  • Digital video scoop
  • Assembly / disassembly and inspection tools
  • Hardness measurements, MPI tester (magnaflux) for crack detection
  • Lathing equipment
  • Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
  • Governor test bench and reconditioning (exchange base sales)
  • 30 ton hydraulic press
  • 2 heavy duty drills, pillar and radial
  • Honing liners
  • Laser alignment checks
  • Crankshaft grinding machines
  • Machines for reconditioning connecting rods
  • Milling machines
  • Line boring equipment

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