Waste water treatment systems

Solutions For A Better Environment

Hamann AG, a leader in the design and distribution of waste water treatment systems, has delivered more than 4932 units world-wide. Hamann AG offers the lates from a collection of systems all designed to treat black and grey water.

Since its foundation in 1972, HAMANN AG has been synonymous with high quality waste water treatment plants and steel constructions in black-/stainless steel and aluminium.

With an emphasis on sustaining the environment for future generations HAMANN has produced a range of products for the maritime industry that have seen the company grow into a global corporation: HAMANN AG.

Super Mini PLUS:

  • Treats waste water produced by up to 15 persons
  • Exceptionally simple, no sieves, no odour, no clogging
  • Extremely small, compact and very low in weight (LWH: 840x550x660mm, 85kg)
  • Tolerates salinity changes and hard detergents
  • Simple plug & play installation and start-up
  • Certified acc. to MEPC 159(55), MARPOL 73/78, Annex IV
  • Fully automatic system

The Super Mini Plus sewage treatment plant is compliant and certified with the new IMO guidelines MEPC.159(55), Annex IV of Marpol 73/78.

HL - Cont PLUS Series:

  • High flow rate
  • Easy operation
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Small foot print
  • Small holding tank requirements
  • Low energy consumption
  • Neither filters nor membranes
  • No blocking or clogging

The process/technical description of the HL-Conta PLUS is based on physical-biological treatment:

  • Maceration of sewage
  • Microflotation, also known as dissolved air flotation (DAF) combined with flocculent for the reduction of TSS, BOD and COD
  • Fixed bed reactor for BOD and COD reduction
  • UV disinfection

In order to meet the demands of different types / sizings of ships the HL- Cont PLUS is scaled to different sizes.

HL - Cont PLUS 02 Slim:

  • Capacity 5,200 l/ day
  • Treats black and grey water
  • No use of any chemicals or consumables
  • No filters & membranes
  • Easy operation and low costs guaranteed

The HL-Cont PLUS Slim is working without any additives or chemicals.
The physical process is combining micro flotation with ultraviolet light disinfection. The collected sewage water will be transferred from the ships sewage tank via the feeding pump (002) and through the macerator (001) into the flotation tank (007). At the same time the multiphase pump (003) is enriching the macerated sewage water with oxygenated water. By entering the flotation tank the micro flotation process starts and the solids will be separated in a very effective way from the water. The collected sludge will be transferred automatically via the sludge pump (008) to the ships sludge tank. The effluent pump (005) transfers the purified water via the ultraviolet light (006) overboard. The life time of the UV lamp is 10.000h. The HL Cont PLUS Slim is working fully automatically and controlled by analogue level switches (04 20 mA) in the ships tanks.

The HL-Cont PLUS Slim sewage treatment plant is compliant and certified with the IMO guidelines MEPC.159(55), Annex IV of MARPOL 73/78.

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