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Vacuum-packed waste processing

Vacompact ensures odourless, space saving and volume reduced packaging of maritime waste.

The Vacompact waste packaging is based on the technically mature interaction of vacuum technology and disinfection. The waste is vacuumed, disinfected, sealed and packaged odourless in only one single process. After just two minutes the waste volume is reduced up to 50% and ready for odourless storage.

The waste packagers of Vacompact are almost maintenance free. Thanks dry running vacuum pump and without hydraulic - neither oil nor water - must be filled. The available power supply is sufficient.

Depending on requirements, Vacompact can be used for centralized waste collection or multiple waste stations.

Vacompact waste packaging is delivered in 2 types:

  1. 40 liter compact unit which can be integrated in any kitchen

  2. 90 liter compact unit in the size of a washing machine that takes in a reasonable limited space

Vacompact Front Loader leaflet

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